Friday, November 25, 2016

#NewPodcastAlert Kingston Expressions by @kingston_jael via @svmarketings

Kingston Jael (JL) Michaels is an alias she is writing under. Kingston= her birth place of Kingston, Jamaica, Jael= her adopted niece's name...representing the next generation of Jamaican Americans, and Michaels= her father's name. Kingston Jael is a single, educated, and professional woman who graduated from the GREAT Pennsylvania State University! There is so much more to her but in order to separate her day job from this hobby, she is very careful not to reveal too much. My blog and podcast series cover LOVE, SEX, PASSION, FRIENDSHIP, and SPIRITUALITY from JAMAICA and beyond. ***In Loving Memory of Alice, Gloria, and her most recent angel, Michele Monique Johnson.

Kingston Jael Michaels
Twitter: @kingston_jael
Instagram: kingston.jael.michaels
Facebook: @KingstonJaelMichaels
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Tumblr: kingstonjael

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